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A sedentary lifestyle, office work and heavy physical activity can negatively affect our musculoskeletal system. Many people endure knee, back, neck, and lower back and joint pain for years. In these situations, do not hesitate - get competent treatment from qualified Pain Doctor San Diego.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is more often treated by an orthopedic doctor. Practice shows that most of the causes of knee pain can be treated without surgery. Whatever your problem is big or small, you must consult with a pain doctor.

With the development of diagnostic technology and the accumulation of a significant amount of knowledge about the causes of pain in the knee joint, it turned out that orthopedic surgery should be performed mainly with gross injury to the knee tissues. With such injuries as a rupture of the meniscus and dysfunction of the joint, with a complete rupture of ligaments and muscles with a fracture of the knee joint. If there is a complex injury or congenital deformity that does not respond to conservative treatment, they need to be operated on.

Of course, it is necessary to carry out endoprosthetics but only when it no longer fulfills its functions. If there is even a minimal opportunity to remove pain and restore the function of the joint without surgery, you should always take this opportunity.

Cause of Knee Pain

Most of the causes of knee pain are associated with minimal structural changes or damage of the soft tissues. Therefore, such injuries can usually be treated without surgery. For example, damage of the ligaments, muscles, tendons, joint capsules treated with orthopedic non-surgical methods.

There are often times when an acute knee injury has not been operated on. It was cured by non-surgical methods only because the diagnosis was clarified. In our practice, we often encounter situations where obvious MRI signs, for example, a meniscus rupture, were not the cause of knee pain.

Which Pain Doctor San Diego Should You Contact for Knee Pain?

The doctor who treats knee pain is the orthopedic trauma doctor. For pain in the knee joint with signs of inflammation, a doctor rheumatologist can also treat. An orthopedist will refer you to him if there is a need to clarify the cause of the inflammation.

Effective Back Treatment in San Diego

Diseases associated with the spine are "getting younger": today, not only the elderly, but also young people experience ailments of back pain. According to statistical studies, up to 15% of cases of pathological conditions associated with the spinal column which leads to disability of the able-bodied part of the population.

The spine consists of bony vertebrae connected by intervertebral discs. The discs provide the entire post flexibility and act as shock absorbers. In the body, the spine acts as an assistant to support parts of the human body. Ligaments and muscles are attached to it which holds the abdomen. And also fix the position of the internal organs in an optimal format.

Unpleasant and painful sensations in the back can be manifestations of serious illnesses. In San Diego Pain Consultants spine treatment is carried “Thank you, Doctor!” We have a center for the treatment of the Spine and Joints, which receives patients with pain syndromes of various origins. At this treatment center, you can undergo a comprehensive examination of the spine and joints, as well as get advice from the best Pain Doctor San Diego.

Reasons to Contact San Diego Pain Consultants

Highly Qualified Doctors

All doctors have diplomas and are certified specialists. We employ doctors with highly skill and experience. At our center we deal with problems of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. We are not scattered in several directions, but concentrate on one. Due to the narrow specialization and high qualifications of our doctors, we are the leader in the rating of health clinics in San Diego.

Complexity of Treatment & Availability

We do not just remove painful sensations; we act on the very cause of pain. Our doctor visits seriously ill patients at home. The clinic works officially and at the end of treatment provides patients with a full package of documents to receive a tax deduction. Also, the patient can receive treatment at a discount.


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